community life

As a church family we understand that growing in “fellowship”—a joint partnership with God and one another—is not a passive effort. It is a way of life that calls us to mutual submission to one another and mutual responsibility for one another. We must work to cultivate this kind of life through shared practices and habits that form us as a people. 

Our Shared Meals: Each quarter we gather for a shared meal either on church grounds or at Walsingham Academy. Each meal begins with the Eucharist and transitions into sharing lunch together. Many of us spend the afternoon together enjoying Walsingham’s soccer fields, basketball courts and playgrounds. Every member of our church family brings side-dishes, desserts and drinks. We also ask that members fill out “Food Allergy Cards” (provided in the Info Center) so we can care for those with various food allergies. The following are ways you can serve in this meaningful ministry:

Men's and Women’s Ministry: Our men's and women’s ministry seeks to nurture a deeper love for God and meaningful relationships with one another as missional men and women living in a variety of vocations and life situations in our own embodied experiences. We enjoy events together that include bible studies, retreats and socials. 

Connections Ministry: promotes gracious hospitality among families through supporting and encouraging college students. WCC families listen to the needs of our local college students and, in meeting those needs, bear witness to the mission of God in our community.

WCC Theology Thursday: We conduct a theology school every Thursday night from 6:30 -7:30pm. We explore ways to go deeper into the previous Sunday’s conversation and talk about the theology that we were learning about that week. We keep the discussions light and we try to lean into the teaching, meaning that we will explore how to apply and understand what we've learned as people living on mission with God in this particular time and place.

Wilder Minds Reading Cohort (Summer Months): In a society of reactionary responses and incivility, we have to be thoughtful and discerning as God's kingdom of priests. The Christian Scriptures tell us that we have been given a new mind capable of imagining what God says is possible despite what the world accepts as impossible. However, we must "train" our minds and hearts if we are to live like we believe it. One way to start is by reading. As God's people we can fearlessly listen with humility to informed voices, even the ones with whom we disagree, and confront our own biases so that we can think deeply and discuss candidly the critical issues that surround us in light of the reign of Christ. This is the commitment of the "Wilder Minds" reading cohort. We've read books by Jemar Tisby, Michelle Ami Reyes, Rich Villas, Howard Thurman, David Fitch,  Mandy Smith, Geoff & Cyd Holsclaw, Emmanuel Katongle, and others.

Various Other Events : Concerning community events, WCC's building is available for community groups in need of space based upon availability. Currently the building is used by a variety of groups 6 days a week and most nights.

Concerning weddings or funerals, WCC's staff only conducts weddings and funerals for those who are members of Williamsburg Christian Church. Consequently, WCC does not rent out space for weddings and funerals.

If you want to know more about any of these ministries, please contact Jon Sprankle, who leads and shepherds these ministries at WCC:

Organizations in Williamsburg that promote goodness & Beauty

Each organization listed below is uniquely connected to members of the WCC family and promote goodness and beauty in our city. We encourage you to consider these wonderful organizations if you are looking for ways to serve our city above and beyond the local mission efforts organized in and through WCC.