Big Idea
This isn't something we do for our Kids, but something we do With them!

In the Big Idea we welcome all the children among us to come up to the front where where together we learn a "Big Idea" from the Scriptures. We join with them in imagining a world where God’s redemptive love breaks in among us. We march around the walls of Jericho together or dance in celebration because we "found the lost sheep." We've come to believe that as adults we need God’s Spirit to form within us a biblical imagination and a childlike faith. The best way to do that is to let the children draw us in. There is something they can teach us. So it is important know that our children begin each gathering with us as we sing to God, proclaim our Rule of Life, confess the realties of our faith through the public reading of Scripture, and publicly pray together with one voice. After the Big Idea all children and students (all ages) are dismissed for age-appropriate small groups.

Send me a video of your child saying the verse and they will receive a coupon for a prize from the "prize box" - Miss Erin