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Big Idea - May 24 - Following Jesus is an all-day, everyday commitment. Acts 16:16-40

Big Idea - May 31 -  Following Jesus means we're a part of the church family. Acts 18:1-8

Family Prayer:

Tell your kids that following Jesus is an all-day everyday commitment, but we don’t have to do it alone. He is always with us and we have one another, too! God knows that sometimes we make mistakes. He promises to love us and always forgive us. He wants us to keep trying!  Explain that we can help other Jesus-followers by praying for one another.

Give each person a prayer card (attached) and a pen or pencil.

Read aloud the text printed on the card.  Ask everyone to write their name at the top of their prayer card and the name of someone else in your family they will pray for.  Invite them to share about a time when it’s tough for them to remember to follow Jesus (e.g., at school, with a brother or sister, with a babysitter).  Have your kids fill in the blanks at the bottom of their cards. Help with reading and spelling as needed.

Gather everyone to sit in a circle.

Have your family take turns praying for the person named on their card. It can be very simple. For example, they can pray that this person will remember to follow Jesus this week.

Send me a video of your child saying the verse and they will receive a coupon for a prize from the "prize box" - Miss Erin