Missional communities

At WCC we do not have small groups, we have Missional Communities (MC's). Whereas small groups are made up of 8-12 people, our MC's are made up of 20-35 people, and includes children,  or 12-16 families (we count 'singles' as a family) who meet mostly in homes throughout various days of the week. 

Missional communities are at the heart of who we are as a church family and are high in commitment. Shared experiences are created as we share in God's mission together in every day ways as every day people living and working in every day places. For us, missional communities are where we learn to cultivate the common life God has called us to enjoy as we learn what it means to be faithful to the reign of Christ. 

At the core of our missional communities is the desire to apprentice lives to Jesus. Therefore, each gathering brings together three different “connections” to cultivate this kind of life:

Living a life of connection with God, where we share in a liturgy similar to our Sunday gatherings. This includes a Scripture reading, prayer, sharing a "Big Idea" from Scriptures with our children before they are dismissed to their own small groups, and then a deeper study and discussion of the Scriptures. 

Living a life of connection with one another, where we share in life together by sharing how God is working in our lives. This involves sharing a meal and enjoying meaningful conversations. 

Living a life of connection with God's Mission, where we share in mission together during at least one formal gathering every four to six weeks. This happens within the neighborhood where each missional community gathers, or the networks of relationships (work places or 'third' places) in which each person dwells. Sometimes our MC's join in mission through WCC's local mission efforts. We want to think and live on mission with God as disciples who are everyday people in everyday places and in everyday ways, by coming together in community to join in mission together. Since we believe God is always at work we trust that somehow each missional community can join Him in what He is doing in the lives of our neighbors with whom we are in close proximity in our neighborhoods, workplaces and play-places (coffee shops, restaurants, beauticians, etc).   

For more information, please contact us at admin@williamsburgchristianchurch.org.